Saturday, October 17, 2009

The NOT Bride to Be

Although these pictures may excite some people...TIA IS NOT GETTING MARRIED! I have been wanting to practice by the railroad tracks and we thought we would put a twist on it, so we pulled out my wedding dress and had a blast. Travis was nice enough to drive us into places we never would have dared and we got some amazing shots. (Not too hard to do with such a gorgeous model!) Most of the time I have one particular thing I am shooting (usually a person). Well this time I had such an amazing view and really cool props to photograph that, although my instinct was to zoom in and leave them out, I had to play with everything that was around me. It was really good practice! And any time I get to hang out with my best friend I can't complain, even if she is super irritated at the way I direct her (still working on the people skills haha)!

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